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Cats are attracted to food by smell, so if the food smells good they’ll taste it. An adult cats tongue is covered with rows of hooked backward pointing projections called papillae that rasp food and collect fluid. The rough center of the cat’s tongue has no taste buds, and is used primarily as a grooming tool or food grater. The cats taste buds are found only on the tip, side, and base of the tongue, inside the mouth and lips. Receptors on the taste buds make cats sensitive to the taste of water. Cats react most strongly to sour, salty, and bitter tastes. Proteins appear to activate a cats taste buds, while animal fats are registered as smell sensations. Even though cats are true carnivores, they still relish vegges and fruit from time to time
Info from… For the love of cats amy d.Shojai and Irene Gizzi.

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It was with some disappointment that we realised at the Awards Dinner that Deloraine Cattery was not going to be rewarded with the Customer Choice Award for 2009.
However this does not mean our commitment is going to alter in any way! We thank all those who voted for us and we look forward to providing our usual high level of service and care you have been use to.

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve things and the way we operate, so if you wish to, please feel free to let know your ideas. No promises – but everything is considered.

David & Rachael

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We have entered the Northland Business Awards this year. One of the Categories is the Customer Choice Award – To win this we need your support!

If you have not already filled in a voting form when visiting the cattery, simply follow this link so you can vote on line – it’s real easy!

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