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Rachael just Loves having kittens at the cattery, so she’s offering this great deal for 2012… Book your kitten in to stay at the Deloraine Cattery for just $10 purr day

Great kitten rates at the Deloraine cattery

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Hi – my name is Honeybee, I can be very demanding at times and enjoy some fancy treats, so when mum & dad need a break I go stay with Rachael & David at Deloraine cattery. I stay in the large communal room, we have our own pad at nights. It is really neat with lots of things do and great big windows to see what is going on. I know if I play my cards right I get to have time out with my minders! Hope to see you soon at Deloraine – Honeybee.

Whangarei Cattery

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Whangarei Cat Boarding

9 July 2011

Dear Rachael,

I’m just writing to say thank you for all the care you have given to my cats over the last few years. I have never worried when they have been left with you.

As one of my cats, Max, is a highly dependant diabetic, who needs insulin injections twice a day and close monitoring, it isn’t easy for me to go away and leave him behind. As a vet nurse I am very particular about the care my cats get and Max can be difficult to manage at times due to his various health problems. My partner, a local vet in town and I don’t go away often for this reason however it is reassuring to know that you give him the best care possible when we do.

I have no problems recommending you and Deloraine to people who ask me to recommend a cattery to them. I know that you give them the best possible care and attention and that they are in safe and capable hands when staying with you.

Best Wishes

Faye Moore DVN

Whangarei Cattery – Deloraine Holiday Retreat for Cats

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It doesn’t matter whether you use a Cattery with private rooms or Semi Individual where your cat shares with others during the day; there is always a small chance your cat may get sick. Just like when we take our kids to play group, there is a possibility they may get head lice or even a cold, And as do play groups, Cattery owners do all they can to minimize the rick of your cat getting sick, after all, it our lively hood.

All Cat Boarding facilities in New Zealand are required to have some kind of Isolation unit or facility; this is a room where a sick cat can be kept on its OWN with NO other animals, this is to stop the spread of any viruses etc.

It is standard procedure at The Deloraine Cattery. Should a cat show ANY signs of illness to immediately have the animal placed into Isolation so he/she can be monitored. A vet is then called, and if need be the cat is taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible. When the vet has given the all clear the cat is then returned to the cattery, however it will then spend the remainder of its stay in the Isolation facility, (unless otherwise advised by the vet)

Owners or emergency contacts are only called if required; this would mean the animal is very ill or we simply can not have the animal back at the cattery, and you will need to arrange to have the cat collected from the Vets.

So why don’t we call the owners first?

  1. We feel it is far more important to call the vet first; after all it may not be anything to worry about.
  2. What can you do (the owner) from half way around the world? Except worry.
  3. Lets say your cat was in a fight at home, 2 days later you drop him off at the cattery, and off you go on holiday. mean while an abscess has started to devalop on your cat, where it had been bitten by the cat it was figthing with at home days before, the abscess then pops… I will do my best to keep the wound clean however your cat will need a shot of antibiotics, so off we go to the vet …. I will not phone you while you are on holiday to tell you this, as your cat is fine.
  4. When you leave your cats at the cattery, the terms and conditions clearly states that… we reserve the right to refer your cat for veterinary attention should this, in our opinion be necessary. The owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred.

Most cats are very happy and settle into the cattery within a few hours, and you must keep in mind it is not always the facilities staff or owner at fault if cats fall ill, think of it this way…. you could always leave your cat at home alone… where they can get sick  from the stress of being left on their own, fight with the neighbours cats, run away, get hit by a car……. etc   sorry but that’s the facts. “Don’t Risk Leaving Your Cats Home Alone”.

The Cattery is the only place your cat should stay while you’re away

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Take a look at this video clip Rachael made of the cattery…. quite cool.
Deloraine Cattery movie

The Deloraine Cattery Whangarei, looking after all kinds of cats and catering for all your cats needs. If you are wanting to book your cat in to a safe & secure cattery with over 10 years experience of caring for cats in Whangarei, Northland New Zealand then simply either call Rachael on 09 4363616 or jump online and send us details via the website.

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The Deloraine cattery was designed to provide customers with a unique and upmarket cat boarding experience.
We are proud of the standards we set, standards which others try follow. Even the construction is of the highest standards. Security is paramount and only the best products are used to keep your cat safe. The sunny verandahs are protected with Amplimesh security panels as are all windows and doors. You will not find any wire netting here!

Take a look for yourself at our photo gallery Photos of Deloraine Cattery our call in for a visit.

When it comes to looking after your cat you can be assured at the Deloraine it will be in good hands, take a read of what our customers have to say Deloraine customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, come and visit, see for yourself why we are the most popular cattery in Whangarei with an excellent reputation. Phone Rachael for an appointment 09 4363616

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