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Whangarei Cat Boarding

9 July 2011

Dear Rachael,

I’m just writing to say thank you for all the care you have given to my cats over the last few years. I have never worried when they have been left with you.

As one of my cats, Max, is a highly dependant diabetic, who needs insulin injections twice a day and close monitoring, it isn’t easy for me to go away and leave him behind. As a vet nurse I am very particular about the care my cats get and Max can be difficult to manage at times due to his various health problems. My partner, a local vet in town and I don’t go away often for this reason however it is reassuring to know that you give him the best care possible when we do.

I have no problems recommending you and Deloraine to people who ask me to recommend a cattery to them. I know that you give them the best possible care and attention and that they are in safe and capable hands when staying with you.

Best Wishes

Faye Moore DVN

Whangarei Cattery – Deloraine Holiday Retreat for Cats

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Rachael & Mr B at Whangarei Cattery The Deloraine
Rachael a true care-giver

People often ask me, “what did you do before you came to the Cattery Rachael”? 

I grew up on the Family farm in the Waikato, when my family moved North I started working at the  Bendon factory in Kamo. It was a job and I was only young. I met a lot of new friends working  there over the years, got my first car stolen from in the car park while I was at work, brought my first house, life was good. I left there to have my first Child and the Bendon factory closed not long after that.  I’ve had another Child since, studied a little and had a few part-time jobs, merchandising, Bar work,  just a couple of hour here and there, to earn a bit more money.

When my youngest daughter went off to school I decided it was time to get a job, I needed something 9-3 so I could still be there for my girls. My Mum who is a Care giver for Home Support North said I should try there, so I did.  For four and a half years I worked with the elderly. The pay was sad, but this was one of the most rewarding  things I have ever done, and I met some of the most wonderful people. I wasn’t just the cleaner and care giver, I was a friend, someone to talk to, in some cases I was the only person they saw all week. I’d clean up the house, make the bed, and cook meals, some even needed help with showering.  I miss that life sometimes and the people… they are gone now, but I am happy to have been part of their lives even if it was only for a short time.

So now I’m here at what I believe is, Whangarei’s Best Cattery, The Deloraine….. Wow…. I sometimes need to pinch myself, from care-giver to Business women, but we all know at the end of the day I will always be a care-giver, only difference is I now look after Cats and I Love it. I’m not an academic, as you tell by my Blog posts, nor do I need money to be truely happy, although it keeps the bank manager off my back. I love my Family and friends, It makes me feel good knowing I’ve done the best I can, and to help make someone elses life better for it.

Rachael Seymour

“Whangarei Cattery”

Don’t forget theres only 1 place your cats should stay while you’re away The Whangarei Cattery 

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The Deloraine cattery was designed to provide customers with a unique and upmarket cat boarding experience.
We are proud of the standards we set, standards which others try follow. Even the construction is of the highest standards. Security is paramount and only the best products are used to keep your cat safe. The sunny verandahs are protected with Amplimesh security panels as are all windows and doors. You will not find any wire netting here!

Take a look for yourself at our photo gallery Photos of Deloraine Cattery our call in for a visit.

When it comes to looking after your cat you can be assured at the Deloraine it will be in good hands, take a read of what our customers have to say Deloraine customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, come and visit, see for yourself why we are the most popular cattery in Whangarei with an excellent reputation. Phone Rachael for an appointment 09 4363616

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Hi we're going swiming - wanna come?

I came across this photo today, you just have to love the way baby animals get on so well. Would this happen if they were older??

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Did you know…..

The first associations of cats with humans may have begun toward the end of the Stone Age. It took many centuries, however, for the cat to become established as a domestic animal. About 5,000 years ago cats were accepted members of the households of Egypt. Many of the breeds we now know have evolved from these ancient cats. The Egyptians used the cat to hunt fish and birds as well as to destroy the rats and mice that infested the grain stocks along the Nile.

Ancient Cat

Ancient Cat

The cat was considered so valuable that laws protected it, and eventually a cult of cat worship developed that lasted for more than 2,000 years. The cat goddess Bastet–whose name was also spelled Bast, Pasht, and many other ways–became one of the most sacred of all figures of worship. She was represented with the head of a cat. Soon all cats became sacred to the Egyptians, and all were well cared for.
Black Cats

Black Cats

After a cat’s death, its body was mummified and buried in a special cemetery. One cemetery found in the 1800s contained the preserved bodies of more than 300,000 cats.

The Egyptians had strict laws prohibiting the export of cats; however, because cats were valued in other parts of the world for their rat-catching prowess, they were taken by the Greeks and Romans to most parts of Europe. Domestic cats were also found in India, China, and Japan where they were prized as pets as well as rodent catchers.

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Hey thanks for clicking in and looking at our blog! We blog about crazy cat stuff and the goings on at Deloraine Cattery- can you help us grow our business? If so, we would really appreciate it – If you have friends/family/co-workers etc who may need to use a cattery when going away, and they are in Whangarei, Northland NZ- rather than relying on the neighbour to care for their cats – tell them about Deloraine Cattery – click into our website http://www.deloarine.co.nz and see why we are the most popular cattery in Northland NZ!
But hey , don’t just take our word though go see for yourself! If you can refer others to us it helps heaps and in this market and we appreciate all new business!
Plus tell everyone we are the only AsureQuality Approved Cattery in Northland – that has to be a bonus for all cat lovers.
Be sure to ask a question or left feedback if you want to!

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If you think you have seen a fat cat before, think again! Check this FatBoy out! This guy weighs over 12kg!
Some people think it is “cool” to feed their pets heaps, but the reality is you are not doing the pet ay favours! Any comments?

When is dinner?

When is dinner?

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