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Semi Individual Unit

Here at the Deloraine Cattery we have holiday options to suit all cats, from private suites to Semi Individual units or semi communal as some call them.

Despite what some people may think…… The Deloraine’s Semi Individual facilities are awesome. In this part of the cattery your cat will have his or her own private unit where they spend the night and are fed in the morning and again in the evenings before being safely tucked up for bed. Each unit is made up of two rooms the 1st being their bedroom and the 2nd their bathroom. During the day cats have access to a large lounge area, with heaps of beds, chairs, toys and climbing trees.  

Semi Individual Unit

 This area can house up to 23 guests, but on average we would have no more than 10-12 cats at any one time, we find a lot of our regular customers use this part of our facility. One of the most common question asked about this type of cattery is. “Do the cats fight in the cattery”? I can assure you the answer to that is..  No they do not…Cats are territorial animals and will generally fight to defend their home, so because the cattery is neutral territory there is nothing to fight for. We closely monitor all the guests staying in the cattery to ensure they are settling in with minimal stress. If for any reason your cat does not enjoy being in our semi Individual area they will be upgraded to a private suite at no extra charge.   

The shared lounge area, has plenty of toys to play with, climbing frames and cosy spots to curl up and have a snooze in the afternoon sun. The large opening windows let in lots of fresh air.

Large windows let in plenty of fresh air

Don’t Forget There is only 1 place your cats should be while you’re away
And this Whangarei Cattery is it. 

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At The Deloraine Cattery we believe what we feed your cat is very important.
Royal Canin have the purrfect solutions for your cats needs, from Kitten to mature cats, Indoors to out, weight management to cats with high energy.

At The Deloraine we combine two of Royal Canins top quality cat feeds.
Sensible 33 – For cats with digestive sensitivity, A change in diet can cause some cats to suffer from digestive sensitivity which can take the form of loose stools, Sensible 33 strengthens digestive safety and balances intestinal flora, thus making your cat more comfortable.

Fit 32 – For moderately active cats, naturally when your cats are in a Cattery they will have limited amounts of exercise and access to the outdoors. Fit 32 provides them with all the nutrients needed to keep them in great shape. Also so good for hairball regulation.

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I came across this site which I thought I would share with you. If you need/want to know anything about cats I’m sure you will find it on here – Click here Cat Files

At the Deloraine Cattery Whangarei we’ll  take great care of your cat. We monitor eating habits etc and if there seems to be any issue with health we contact a vet. We also have the facility to isolate any ill cats to reduce risk of any illness spreading. Deloariane Cattery has been caring for cats for over 10 years. We are able to offer private suites or semi Individual boarding – depending on your preference and budget.
Inspections welcome, our Whangarei cattery is only a few minutes drive out of the Whangarei CBD – yet has a lovely rural setting. You don’t need to drive miles out of town!
Why not take a look at our website –click here

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The Deloraine cattery was designed to provide customers with a unique and upmarket cat boarding experience.
We are proud of the standards we set, standards which others try follow. Even the construction is of the highest standards. Security is paramount and only the best products are used to keep your cat safe. The sunny verandahs are protected with Amplimesh security panels as are all windows and doors. You will not find any wire netting here!

Take a look for yourself at our photo gallery Photos of Deloraine Cattery our call in for a visit.

When it comes to looking after your cat you can be assured at the Deloraine it will be in good hands, take a read of what our customers have to say Deloraine customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, come and visit, see for yourself why we are the most popular cattery in Whangarei with an excellent reputation. Phone Rachael for an appointment 09 4363616

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With the School holidays now over the number of guests has reduced but at the Deloraine we are still busy. In fact October is shaping up to be better than last year for overall business – Thank you to all our wonderful customers who support us and continously refer friends & family to our Holiday Retreat For Cats.
Having been in business and caring  for cats for over 10 years the Deloraine has a reputation 2nd to none and that is something we are very proud of.

Make sure you talk to Rachael about our referral rewards program and earn you could earn some free cat boarding time!

Deloraine Website

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With school holidays fast approaching our facility is getting booked out but if you are needing to book your cat a holiday please call us as space is still available. We have been caring for cats for over 10 years and have an excellent reputation. Browse what many of our customers have to say :
What our customers say!

Best of all we are AsureQuality Accredited.

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Filling up fast for the school holidays and future booking are very steady! Why? Because at this Whangarei cattery that has over 10 years history of caring for cats and being AsureQuality accredited is why.
Don’t risk leaving your cat in the care of less experienced facilities just to save a few dollars – your cat is worth more surely. If you are requiring long term cat boarding let us know and we can work out a great price for you. Deloraine cattery – the Hilton or Ritz of cat boarding.

Happy cat boarding

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