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Honest as a cat when the cream is out of reach

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Rachael & Mr B at Whangarei Cattery The Deloraine
Rachael a true care-giver

People often ask me, “what did you do before you came to the Cattery Rachael”? 

I grew up on the Family farm in the Waikato, when my family moved North I started working at the  Bendon factory in Kamo. It was a job and I was only young. I met a lot of new friends working  there over the years, got my first car stolen from in the car park while I was at work, brought my first house, life was good. I left there to have my first Child and the Bendon factory closed not long after that.  I’ve had another Child since, studied a little and had a few part-time jobs, merchandising, Bar work,  just a couple of hour here and there, to earn a bit more money.

When my youngest daughter went off to school I decided it was time to get a job, I needed something 9-3 so I could still be there for my girls. My Mum who is a Care giver for Home Support North said I should try there, so I did.  For four and a half years I worked with the elderly. The pay was sad, but this was one of the most rewarding  things I have ever done, and I met some of the most wonderful people. I wasn’t just the cleaner and care giver, I was a friend, someone to talk to, in some cases I was the only person they saw all week. I’d clean up the house, make the bed, and cook meals, some even needed help with showering.  I miss that life sometimes and the people… they are gone now, but I am happy to have been part of their lives even if it was only for a short time.

So now I’m here at what I believe is, Whangarei’s Best Cattery, The Deloraine….. Wow…. I sometimes need to pinch myself, from care-giver to Business women, but we all know at the end of the day I will always be a care-giver, only difference is I now look after Cats and I Love it. I’m not an academic, as you tell by my Blog posts, nor do I need money to be truely happy, although it keeps the bank manager off my back. I love my Family and friends, It makes me feel good knowing I’ve done the best I can, and to help make someone elses life better for it.

Rachael Seymour

“Whangarei Cattery”

Don’t forget theres only 1 place your cats should stay while you’re away The Whangarei Cattery 

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A Day in the life of a cat at Deloraine Cattery

Cat’s log # 1
May 15, 2011

As the sun peeps through the trees and the birds start to sing, click goes the lock on the front door. Oh please enough with the soppy rubbish, its 7:15am, Breakfast time, Hmmm the sweet smell of kibble fills the air, and triggers a meowing frenzy, I know my turn will come, I won’t miss out, will I? “Rachael, Rachael”.
Yum yum yum, sorry where are my manners. Rachael fills the bowl and asks “how was your night” I don’t know how she expects a reply with my mouth full? She gives me my morning pat and moves on to the next room.

08:00 It’s cleaning time, Rachael is very tidy and likes the cattery to be spotless, she changes the litter trays and my sheets, put fresh water in the water bowls, wipes the benches, sweeps and mops the floor, she so good. But enough about her, cleaning time is a great opportunity to take a look around and play out in the hallway, checking out any new guests, saying hi, make them feel welcome; you know that kind of stuff.

When the rooms all clean Rachael comes and gets me for a brush. Not everyone gets a brush, some of the other cats don’t like it, and get a little upset, but I love it. She always tells me I’m such a good puss, and makes a big fuss of me.

A new guest has just arrived; “Wow what a fantastic place you have here”. “Thank you” Rachael replies as she shows them to their room. Softly spoken words are reassuring as the new guest is quickly settled in. I don’t know what it is but Rachael, she has a way with us cats, she’s always so calm and trusting, she brings us food and brushes us and if we poo on the floor she doesn’t rub my nose in it. Oops hahahaha sorry getting a little carried away there just thought I’d just pop in a bit of humor.

11:30 midday check, most of us are sleeping around this time of the day, so Rachael just tiptoes in to check that we’re all ok, she changes any dirty litter trays then quietly leaves us in peace.

“13:00 afternoon check, for those of us that are awake, it’s a great time for some extra attention and maybe even treats. I just love treats, the ones in the yellow bag, you know the ones Temptations they’re my favorite they taste so good, with the soft meaty center. Why oh why do they make good things so bad????

16:00 the girls are home, I can tell, they love dancing and sometimes you can hear the music from the cattery. I must say though, the girls are great cat patters; they help out when it’s busy over the School holidays. Rachael says there good at multi tasking because they can work and dance at the same time.

Someone’s arrived to pick up their cat, “How was your holiday”. I can hear them talking in the hallway. Max cat knows that’s his mum and he starts to meow. You’ll have to forgive Rachael if she doesn’t remember your name, she knows all the cats though, and everything about us, our personality’s likes and dislikes, she truly is the cat lady. Max gets one last cuddle “see yah Max” as he’s put into his carry cage, “Thanks we’ll see you next time”.

Listen I can hear the clean litter trays being stacked up, it’s almost dinner time. Meows of excitement fill the Cattery, and just like at breakfast time Rachael fills our food bowls and checks we have enough water, we each get a pat “eat up your dinner” she says “I’ll be back soon”.

18:00 Rachael has one last check “goodnight I’ll see you in the morning” and she locks the doors behind her.

All the information in this story is based on the true events witch take place in the day to day running of this top Whangarei Cattery the Deloraine Cattery, and from feed back received from our happy customers.

Oh and don’t forget there is only 1 place your cats should stay while you’re away The Deloraine

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Catteries Whangarei

Deloraine Cattery

Ever wondered why your cat drinks from the tap, the bottom of your pot plants or out of the shower. Did you know cats don’t really like to drink where they eat. As hunters of small pray it would make sense not to kill next to a water source and potentially contaminate it. Yet we give your furry friends double food bowls to eat and drink from. Try putting a bowl of water out away from where they eat, you may find your cat will drink more water.

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School holidays don’t mean a break for the staff at Deloraine Cattery – The first cattery in Whangarei to have AsureQuality Accreditation – While our guests are on holiday the staff are always busy making sure they are comfortable, safe and happy! Of course they all are, at the Deloraine cattery we’ve been caring for cats for over 10 and were good at it.
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Taking it Easy at the Deloraine Cattery - Whangarei

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It is not fair that my chair is full with the washing! Guess I can just snuggle up in the corner here, at least it is clean!

Fold the washing!

Fold the washing!

What are the staff thinking making me balance here for a snooze, I wish they would just get on with the job and fold this pile of washing!
On the washing

On the washing

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Hope the staff put more wood on soon!

Hope the staff put more wood on soon!

Us house cats now have it pretty darn easy…… staff to feed us, staff to make our beds and NOW…. a fire place with real fire! We can snooze of the sofa and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Guess what – the staff keep it burning all evening for us too!
Life is good as a House cat at Deloraine.

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