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Whangarei Cattery – Deloraine Holiday Retreat for Cats

We know all to well a disaster can happen at any time, and as a pet owner you may suddenly find yourself not only worrying about your family but also your pets, so it’s important to think about them when you put your families disaster plan together.

If we needed to leave our home, what should I do with the family pets?

Take your pets with you if possible, if its unsafe for you its unsafe for them, you just don’t know how long it will be befor you’re able to return home.

So how do I prepare my pet ?

Make sure your pet can be identified.. eg.. ID Tags, Microchipping, and Registration tags.

Ensure you pets Vaccinations are kept up to date … Animal shelters ….eg…. kennels and Catteries, can not take unvaccinated animals.

Include some supplies for your pet in your family emergency kit…. food, water and food bowl,  Collar and leash or carry cage, Vaccination, current registration and microchip records, Litter tray and litter…. litter can be… news paper, bark, kitty litter or similar. If your pet is on medication you should include this, and a favorite toy or blanket.

Under New Zealand Law:

It is the owners responsibility to always see to the physical, health and behavioural needs of their pets, and It is an offence to desert or abandon your pets without a reasonable excuse.

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CAT'S BEST FRIEND: Deloraine Cattery owner Rachael Seymour cares for Smokey Jo while his owners relocate from Christchurch to Northland

Article…. The Whangarei Report, Thursday, April 28, 2011
When images of distressed Cantabrians were splashed across the media following February’s earthquake’ a Whangarei cattery owner thought ” what about the animals?”. An idea sparked in the minds of Deloraine Cattery owners Rachael Seymour and her husband David to offer free cat board to families with felines affected by the earthquake. “It was overwhelming to see the devastation and, yeah, I could’ve given money or donated cat food but where does it all go? This is what I do and this is what I can give – a free temporary home for cats,” Mrs Seymour said. “The day after the February earthquake I posted a thing on Facebook that the Deloraine cattery in Whangarei would like to offer cats belonging to the people of Christchurch free cat board if they’re coming north to stay with friends and family.” A “cat lover from wayback”, Mrs Seymour’s post was picked up on the Paw Justice and SPCA websites and shared by nine of her Facebook friends prompting seven enquiries from Cantabrians with feline friends “but only two families came – we would’ve definitely taken more,” she said. “We connected over emails and phone calls and then I picked their cats up from the airport and brought them here.”Dusty and Smokey- the two loved furballs of a Christchurch family relocating to the Bay of Island – arrived around six weeks ago. The boys Gucci and Enzo belonging to Cantabrian Ann Mason – flew in four weeks ago. “We feed the and pat them and they get groomed,” Mrs Seymour said ” We hang out with them,” her teenage daughter Mikayla added. While Smokey Jo and Dusty revelled in the scenery change Mrs Mason’s two “boys” were hesitant. “Gucci and Enzo were quite frightened when they first came in and the other two were fine. But it could be for any reason – being away from their owners, the flight. There are a lot of reasons why a cat could be upset. “You just never know what they went through, you can only bebin to imagine,” she said. But Mrs Seymour hasn’t just uilt a relationship with the four cats, which rub up against her legs, meow untill they her her full attention- “meow is cat for ‘food please”’ she said – and hover around her when she’s in their suite, she’s also created a dond with the families she’s helped. “I haven’t met a lot of them but Ann wrote me a warm-hearted letter thanking me for everything we’ve done for her boys.”

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