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Murray from Hirepool has donated six porta-loos, Kristen from Monster Graphics has offered to design the flyers, Adam from Paper Plus will make a donation to the lions club for parking marshals – Rachael Seymour’s crazy idea of the Cause for Paws expo on November 26 has certainly touched a chord (or a paw ). The event is a fundraiser for the Whangarei SPCA and for work to prevent animal cruelty. Mrs Seymour, who owns Deloraine Cattery where the event will be held, is looking for all the support she can get from business for what is planned as a family day with everything from dog shows to pony rides and the opportunity for pet adoption. Information on events and business exposure opportunities: 09 436 3616 www.deloraine.co.nz

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I thought I’d share this¬†interesting¬†info with you all


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I forgot to share this with you all a few weeks back, one of my customers made this for me ….. Thanks Heaps Mr Graham ūüôā

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I¬†always¬†recommend you have a look at boarding facilities before making a booking…

I had a lady phone me the other day in a panic, she had booked her furry friend into a cattery but when she¬†dropped¬†him off for his holiday it was not at all what they had¬†advertised¬†it to be. ¬†After driving all the way back home she decided there was no way she was going to leave him there, and¬†that’s¬†when I got her call She told me “I just¬†couldn’t¬†sleep tonight knowing he was there, It was cold and it stunk of cats pee”

People see my photos of the Deloraine Cattery and think it must be expensive but you know we charge around the same price as any other facility in Northland, we keep the cattery warm a cosy in the winter and nice and cool in the summer, the facility is kept very clean, so clean you could eat of the floor.

The only time a cattery should get a little stinky is straight after breakfast when all the guests seem to use their litter boxes at the same time.

The guests units or sleeping cabins should have painted¬†surface’s and even the¬†facilities floors should be¬†nonporous¬†so as not to¬†absorb¬†urine and odors.

Deloraine Cattery Semi Individual Unit, Upstairs Bedroom with downstairs bathroom

As you can see these units are very clean, and spacious. Guests are only closed in their units at night, this allows us to monitor there eating and toilet habits are normal. During the day the cats have access to the large lounge area.

Inspect before you book your Cats holiday

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The Deloraine cattery are proud supporters of the Whangarei SPCA and the fight against animal cruelty.

On the 26th of November 2011 The Deloraine cattery will be hosting a  Pet Expo.  Cause for Paws Р Pet Expo, is a charity event to raise money for the Whangarei SPCAand the fight against animal cruelty. A fun family day out, great entertainment, Charity Auctions and more. Check out our Facebook page to keep up-to date https://www.facebook.com/causeforpaws.northland

Join Cause for paws and help support the fight against animal cruelty

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http://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/d/g/speaker.swf‚Äā[loi-uhl-tee]¬†¬†Show IPA

noun, plural -ties.

1. the state or quality of being loyal;  faithfulness to commitments or obligations.
2. faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader,cause, etc.
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How do you find The Deloraine Cattery

The big fish bus stop

Coming from Whangarei City, turn left up Mackesy Rd at the Big fish bus stop and up the hill into Konini Street, The Deloraine is at number 50 on the right hand side.  Get direction

The Deloraine cattery Whangarei

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