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At The Deloraine Cattery we believe what we feed your cat is very important.
Royal Canin have the purrfect solutions for your cats needs, from Kitten to mature cats, Indoors to out, weight management to cats with high energy.

At The Deloraine we combine two of Royal Canins top quality cat feeds.
Sensible 33 – For cats with digestive sensitivity, A change in diet can cause some cats to suffer from digestive sensitivity which can take the form of loose stools, Sensible 33 strengthens digestive safety and balances intestinal flora, thus making your cat more comfortable.

Fit 32 – For moderately active cats, naturally when your cats are in a Cattery they will have limited amounts of exercise and access to the outdoors. Fit 32 provides them with all the nutrients needed to keep them in great shape. Also so good for hairball regulation.

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Your faithful pet deserves pet boarding accommodation that practices high standards of animal welfare. The best evidence of this is when you see a pet boarding facility displaying the “AsureQuality Approved Pet Boarding Premises” logo at their premises and on their marketing material.

Things to consider when inspecting a Cat boarding facility

• Does the Facility smell clean?
• Have a good look around make sure it looks clean
• Is there good lighting and ventilation?
• The cattery areas should not be damp
• Is the temperature in the cattery areas comfortable?
• Do the staff and owners interact with the pets?
• Are the staff and owners friendly?
• Ask what the routine of the cattery involves, i.e. feeding times, grooming etc.
• Do the pets look happy and content?
• Are the cattery areas of a good size?
• Are there toys available for the cats?
• If the facility boards Dogs, is the kennel area situated a reasonable distance from the cattery housing? If your cat is not used to being around dogs, having kennels close by could add to their stress.

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