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We just heard today that we have been nominated as a finalist for the Northland Business Awards in the Customer Choice Category.
So many thanks to everyone who voted for us!
The awards are held on the 9th Oct. So fingers crossed!

Hey don’t forget the school holidays are in a week so you better make your bookings for the cat real soon!

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It is with regret we farewell our neighbour, Rufus.
Rufus was a mighty cat who ruled the neighbourhood, he was not liked by any of the local cats but hey he was here first and everyone else just had to accept that fact!

Our cats felt the rath of Rufus a number of times but in recent times I think they all learnt to just “be” and not upset the mighty Rufus!

We had him stay in the cattery for 6 weeks last year and he was actually quite a big softie! He loved the regular attention and even loved the Royal Canin food twice a day.

But it is over, all over, some bugger ran Rufus over on the road the other night. Cars and cats don’t mix to will and poor Rufus came off second best.

he is now ruling the cat heaven, good on ya Rufus!

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